NFT collectibles

Mint NFT collectibles as a 1/1, Limited Edition (fixed supply), or an Open Edition (infinite supply) then list them for sale on your own 3Store.
Mint an NFT into your wallet from the mint page. Once you have minted, you will be prompted to create a product with the newly minted NFT collectible.

Select the collectible NFT to add to your store

Select Collectible NFT from the dropdown. You can add additional information to the description, as well as additional visuals to help describe your collectible NFT to your audience.
Toggle Send all funds to verified creator if you want to direct all primary sales funds to the verified creator. This opens up a number of use cases for Editions.
If you run into a situation where your wifi disconnects when creating a collectible NFT, and find that your NFT has been listed, but a product has not been created, use the Recover listed NFT mechanism.

Set the pricing token and listing price

Select the payment token that your collectors will use to collect your NFT collectible.
You will not be able to change the payment token and price after creating the product as data is stored on-chain to verify the token and payment amount at checkout. You will need to delete the product if you would like to use a different token or change the price.
Hit Create and the NFT collectible will be visible on your 3Store. Thats it!