Physical items

Sell original physical art, prints, merch, stickers, or even coffee!
Select Physical product from the Product Type drop down.
Fill out the necessary information and upload visuals that will help to describe the physical product you are trying to sell.

Pricing & Inventory

Select the pricing currency or token, and set the price and inventory available. Inventory will be set to infinite if no value is inputted into the Inventory field.
In addition to the base rate shipping fees set in Settings>Flat Rate Shipping, you can add an additional fee per item, which allows for increased control over shipping costs.


Default options include Color, Size, Material, Style. If you would like to add custom variations, type directly into the input field the name of the option you would like to create, and hit +Addat the bottom of the dropdown menu. Add the variations, and hit save. You can set SKU, price, and inventory independently for each variant.