Get started!

A creator can create many Projects, where a project can represent a restaurant, e-shop, retail store, or a freelance business.
Start accepting solana payments in only 2 easy steps.
  1. 1.
    Designate a wallet to use as a Vault in which all customer payments will be directed and a Signer wallet to update settings which require a signature.
  2. 2.
    Decide which tokens to accept as payment, e.g. SOL, USDC, USDT, STAX, FORGE, etc.

Set up wallets

Each project will need to set two wallet addresses. One to use as a Vault, where your customer payments will be deposited and the other to use as a Signer, to update settings requiring a signature.
Go to the Settings tab and input the addresses into the wallet address field.
Any actions that impact Vault balances will require the vault wallet approval. For example, the unwrap SOL action found in the Balances page will require the approval of the vault wallet.

Decide on the tokens to accept as payment

Decide which tokens that you want to accept as payment. Your customers will only be able to pay with tokens approved by you. Adding a token requires a small amount of $SOL deposit to create a proof on chain, which is used to verify at checkout the correct token is being used by the paying customer.
A token account is comparable to having a checking account for different currencies accepted in your non-crypto business, e.g. USD, EUR, JPY.
Selecting Wrapped SOL will allow your customers to pay in both Native SOL and Wrapped SOL.
To set tokens for a given project, go to Settings and connect your Signer wallet. Make sure to connect the Signer wallet that you specified in the previous step. Click on the tokens that you would like to accept as payment and click the Update button, and hit approve to reflect the changes on the blockchain.
Thats it! You are ready to start accepting payments on your Coinable 3STORE!
The Balances page indicates the state of your token accounts. Green indicates your token accounts are open and ready for business! If a token account that has been inadvertently closed, you will be prompted to re-open the token account in order to continue accepting payments and avoid disruptions to your business.