Minting an NFT

Coinable allows anyone to mint (create) an NFT that can be a 1/1, Limited Edition, or an Open Edition.
If you would like to create an NFT that represents a series or collection, select Series to get started.
Creating a series NFT first, also known as a collection NFT, that acts as a "parent" is recommended if you intend to create a series of NFTs that you intend to group together.

Select the NFT type

An NFT can be a 1/1, Limited, or Open edition. 1/1 - there is only 1 of this NFT, and typically used for 1/1 art, and is usually the highest priced among the types considering the scarcity.
Limited - there is a fixed supply. Set the available supply by inputting a value for Max Supply. Example image below. Open - there is an infinite or unlimited supply.
Limited Edition

Select the media type

Select the media type to use for your NFT collectible. You can choose from Image, Audio, Video, or 3D.
When using Audio, Video, or 3D, make sure to upload a preview image to be used as a preview when displaying your NFT in wallets and other dApps.

Add details

Add information to describe the NFT. This information will be stored on the blockchain!
Symbol can be a shortened version of your name. Typically the symbol is all caps, e.g. SYMBOL.

Royalties and Attributes


  1. 1.
    Set the Royalty % which determines what % of the sale you receive for secondary sales.
  2. 2.
    Input the wallet addresses that will get a share of the Royalty %.
Let us say you set the royalty % to 10%, and split the royalties between two wallets. The split between the wallets is set as 80% to first wallet and 20% to the second wallet. If the NFT is sold for $200, then the royalty is $20, and the first wallet will receive $16, and the second wallet will receive $4.
The first wallet will be the verified creator key and should be the same as the connected wallet.


Attributes allow you to store characteristics of the NFT on the blockchain. Artists might use the attributes field to indicate the year, version, or dpi used to created the media associated with the NFT.
A coffee shop selling coffee tickets might include a "valid until" attribute to indicate when the ticket expires.


Adding a parent NFT

You can add a "parent" NFT if this NFT collectible is part of a collection or series. The Collection address is just the token address of the parent NFT.

Lock to disable future changes

If you want to make the NFT "immutable" or unable to modify later, toggle on "Lock to disable future changes". This will forbid any changes to be made at a later date. Typically immutable or NFTs that can not be modified are preferred over NFTs that can be modified.

Hit Mint!

Once you are satisfied with details, hit the Mint button! This will start the "upload" process, followed by the "create" process. Once the uploading has completed you will be prompted to approve through your wallet. This can take up to 2~3minutes. Do not refresh or leave the page until the process has completed. Standard minting fees will be applied, roughly 0.002 $SOL.
Make sure to have $SOL in your wallet!